FundLift has successfully helped entrepreneurs throughout America launch successful businesses, obtain their dreams, and provide for their families. FundLift understands that access to quick capital is absolutely necessary to build a business that attracts customers and generates revenue. We guarantee low interest small business loans even after you have exhausted traditional lending sources.

Simply put, FundLift promises to help your business grow. Please contact us today. One of our experienced business lenders will listen to your financing needs and provide multiple avenues of obtaining capital for your business.


  • Unsecured Loans Available—No Credit Check
  • Guaranteed Approval for Unsecured Personal Loans—Low Interest Loans
  • Small Business Financing Available—Will build and improve Business Credit
  • Merchant Cash Advance Loans—Quick Cash for your Urgent Start-up Needs
  • Only 1 Total Credit Report Pulled—Start-up Business Loans despite Bad Credit
  • No Collateral Required—Easy Business Loans with minimal paperwork
  • No Hidden Fees—Boost the Financial Health of your Business


This program features unsecured lines of credit that provide the entrepreneur with a financial cushion to launch a new business. Whether you need additional capital to add the finishing touches on your business before its grand opening or financial assistance with start-up operating costs, this program is promised to establish your new business for long-term success.

Benefits of the Unsecured Lines of Credit Business Funding Program

  • Low interest loans of $25,000 – $200,000
  • Features 0% interest for up to 24 months
  • These small business loans do not require collateral
  • Easy small business financing that is provided in a matter of days
  • These unsecured loans do not reflect on your credit score

Reasons to Seek Unsecured Business Loans

  • New business owners often require extra capital for start-up costs
  • This program allows entrepreneurs to pay off debt or improve their credit score in order to launch their business successfully
  • Retail businesses often seek financing to aid them through slow seasons
  • Unsecured lines of credit can contribute to business improvements such as renovations or overall growth
  • Start-up business loans allow the entrepreneur to invest in advertising campaigns to attract and retain customers

The FundLift Promise

  • FundLift provides an effortless and fast application process with very little paperwork
  • Our repayment terms and fees are designed around your financial health
  • When your local bank fails to provide funding, you can count on FundLift for easy business loans
  • FundLift promises prompt funding for your urgent start-up needs
  • As an added bonus, our programs are created to strengthen your business and personal credit


FundLift has helped thousands of clients and startup’s attain the working capital credit lines that they needed to start their businesses. Here are just a few of our satisfied clients who have gotten their opportunity to thrive and grow their business through FundLift’s funding.

“When my restaurant needed additional working capital and the big banks wouldn’t help us, we turned to FundLift. I feel like a miracle was performed but somehow, FundLift pulled a rabbit out of the hat for us and got us the money we needed ($175,000) within a few weeks. I would recommend FundLift to any small business owner and am grateful for the chance they gave us to finally really grow”

North Carolina

“When my gas station business started suffering, I knew that I needed capital to remodel the convenience shop and install a car wash. Since my bank wouldn’t lend me anything, I looked online and found FundLift. They were able to get me $60,000 to fund the upgrade and I even had some left over to INVESTin marketing. Today I am happy to say that it is one of the best investments I have ever made. Thanks FundLift!”


“I had been out of work for almost two years when I decided to open up my own daycare. My local banks wouldn’t hear of my venture much less lend me any money when a friend told me about FundLift. They didn’t care about my lack of recent employment or that I was an aspiring first time business owner. They got me the $40,000 I was seeking that was able to help me get started and hold me over a bit until the business was steady. The rate was 0% for the first year which really helped me out a lot and I am forever thankful to them.”



We guarantee at least $100,000 in Cash Business Lines or our program is FREE. The program is based on Stated Income, provides Unsecured Credit Lines, at Startups are our SPECIALTY.




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